Pistol Basics — January 29, 2024


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Run Time: 5PM – 8PM

2 hour class / 1 hour range session (3 hours total)

This is an introductory course where you will learn the basics of pistols. We will go over gun basics, proper handling, how a firearm functions, and all other fundamentals that will make you ready and confident to handle your firearm! This is an introductory to firearms class.

  • Pistol (9mm, 45ACP, or 22LR recommended)
  • 2 mags (minimum)
  • 150 rounds (must be purchased at range for safety reasons)
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye Protection

We recommend you bring snacks and drinks. We have firearms, magazines, and safety protection available to rent. If you need to rent, please contact Stephen before class to make arrangements.

Contact Stephen with any questions


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