The Armory was founded in 2014 on the old fashion idea of “the customer comes first”. After visiting multiple shooting ranges, and feeling like we did not belong at any of them, we decided it was time for a change. Why couldn’t a shooting range be a fun and friendly place to visit. A place that makes you feel welcome and comfortable; so, we developed a plan, and set it in motion.


We offer the industry’s leading firearms finish called Cerakote.

Installation Help

Anything you buy from us, we install FOR FREE.


We offer a wide variety training, whether you are a first-time shooter, or an advanced marksman.

Courses of Action

We have teamed up with Courses of Action to provide quality training

Rifle Bay

Our Rifle Bay is a 25-yard bay with 8 Lanes total.

Private Bay

Secluded from every other shooter in the facility, you can feel comfortable and unbothered.

Our Team

We absolutely strive to provide the best possible customer service in the industry. Whether you are a new shooter coming in for the first time, or you have been shooting your entire life, you are going to get the same great service.