From gun customization to installation help, we strive to provide exceptional service. Let us know what you need.

Armory Full Custom Cerakote Apex Trigger, Laser Slide


We offer custom Cerakote —  the industry’s leading firearms finish. Cerakote is available in any color or pattern, and can be applied to almost any gun part. We use a baked-on application for exceptional quality and strength. It's stronger than the factory finish.


Laser Work

With our laser machine, we can engrave anything you dream of. From NFA markings to custom cut works, we've got you covered. Our laser service is typically a minimum two week turnaround. See more info by clicking the link below.

Gunsmithing & Installation

We install anything you buy from us for FREE. No part is too big. Bought a full gun build from The Armory? We'll install it at no extra charge. Bought a full gun build from someone else? We can do that, too (just not for free).

We're happy to service any gun part. Need help with other installation? See our pricing by clicking the button below.


Concealed Firearms Training

Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) Classes are taught roughly every two weeks. We'll go over everything needed to legally carry in the state of Utah. From gun laws to gun types to the four basic gun rules, we'll help you get prepared for daily protection. 

We don't provide fingerprints. You can get fingerprints for your application through Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.


Shooting ranges are great but we wanted ours even better. We invested the necessary time and money in research and development for our specialized shooting ranges. But we didn't sacrifice safety — we've taken measures to ensure your complete personal comfort for the duration of your stay. Plus, we service our ranges daily for maximum cleanliness.

Armory Utah Shooting Range

Rifle Bay

Our Rifle Bay is 25-yards with 8 lanes. Featuring digital target carriers, you  always know what distance you're firing. We designed our lanes extra wide to allow you free movement. These lanes will accept almost anything — up to 50 BMG. We only ask that you not bring Tracer, incendiary, or armor-piercing rounds.

Private Bay

Our private bay is notable for first-time shooters and people who need some peace and quiet. It's completely isolated. Perfect for beginners who feel uncomfortable around others. Also ideal for advanced shooters that don't enjoy the presence of others during fundamental work.

Tactical Bay

Our Tactical Bay is one of the most unique features that our facility offers. When we offer training courses, competition shoots, and fun shoots — this bay shines.The Tactical Bay's design permits users to step in front of the firing line — users can move while shooting — for footwork and full coordination training. Tell us what you'd like to learn, and we'll provide barriers, hurdles, and other technicalities. At 15 yards and 9 lanes wide, the open space facilitates training and other supervised activities.

Available to rent by the hour.

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