Defensive Handgun — September 16, 2020


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September 16, 2020 / 5 – 8 PM
6 people limit

The Defensive Handgun course is intended for intermediate to advanced shooters that want to learn the fundamentals of concealed carry and drawing from your concealed carry holster. We will go over instinctive shooting, cover vs. concealment, magazine change while under pressure, engaging more than one target and nontraditional shooting stances. This course is 3 hours in length and includes one-hour classroom instruction and two hours of shooting exercises on the range.

Prerequisite: Intermediate course through ATR. Must be reasonably proficient drawing from the holster. If you feel you have the knowledge and skills to attend this course, please contact us before attending to determine eligibility.

Tuition: $125 per person, this price will include your range fees.

You will need:

  • One semi-automatic handgun with a minimum of 2 magazines
  • Your preferred holster that is for your make/model handgun, cannot be a universal holster
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • One sturdy leather belt or other similar material for your rig set up
  • Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition in the caliber of your handgun
  • Eye and ear protection

If you have any questions please text Britny 509.521.2427 or Stephanie 801.616.2504.


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