To build an AR15 or buy one? That is the question. While one seems substantially easier than the other, in reality it may not be that way.

With AR15 (Armalite Rifle Model 15) gaining popularity in the past years, numerous manufacturers have been popping up trying to profess as to why their rifle is better than the others. There are as many manufacturers out there as there are McDonald’s. (not really, but I think you get it) Buying and building can both be an overwhelming task.


Benefits: When you purchase a rifle that is pre-built from a manufacturer, it is just that. It is complete. There is not any assembly needed. Saving you some time on having to do it all yourself. Another positive would be a warranty. Most manufacturers are really good about warranty work on their guns, and buying a complete rifle, you will only have one point of contact for any warranty work.

Downfalls: In our opinion, and read that, it is an opinion not fact. There are very few rifles worth buying from a manufacturer. The reason being, no matter the rifle you buy you will change parts on it. That is a fact, most people will put at least an additional $600 – $1,000 dollars into any rifle they buy. (excluding optics) Having said that, even if you buy a $500 rifle, you will likely put another $1,000 into it, meaning your cost is around $1,500.

Something else to note, most “manufacturers” are not actual manufacturers. The majority of companies do not make their own parts. They are paying someone else to make them, then they piece them together once the parts show up. Not really manufacturing at all really.


Benefits: The biggest benefit you will get from building your own rifle, is the parts. You can choose the parts you want, rather than have them chosen for you by someone in a factory. Being so, you can typically build a really good rifle for under $1,500 with parts that you will not have to trade out. It is also a one of a kind rifle, not a run of the mill rifle.

If you happen to buy your parts from an awesome shop, like ours, we will take the time to either show you how to build your rifle, or build it for you at no charge. We have the tools, we have the know-how, so it seems like a no brainer.

Downfalls: The biggest downfall of building your own rifle is the fact that the parts were not all made buy the same company. While they are designed to work together, the minor differences can cause some issues. Some companies will even make proprietary parts that will only work with their parts. However, these are issues that can typically be remedies fairly easily.

After reading this post, you will probably notice we are a little bias to one of these sides. As stated before, there are few manufacturers we trust, but there are some. It is important to understand, we do not bash companies, we only tell the truth. If you have questions about the manufacturers we do and do not trust, call us and we will be happy to have that conversation. But do not be afraid to build your own rifle. There are plenty of resources to help you along the way, and of course, we are happy to help as well. If price is a concern, trust us, you’re going to end up spending close to the same amount either way.