Intermediate Pistol Course March 31, 2019


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War Dance LLC Pistol Course sponsored The Armory

Class Duration: 10am – 4pm

This course is designed for an intermediate caliber of shooter, who is familiar and competent with the operation/ function of the individual student’s firearm. Students planning on attending should be well versed in facets of safety, weapons handling/ manipulation. Students should have shot between 1-2 thousand rounds from there individual fire arms prior to attendance with an emphasis on marksmanship mechanics. Students will be introduced to combat marksmanship (marksmanship, movement and mindset) during the course.

Subjects covered

  • Safety- common core safety as well as realistic safety considerations that relate to use of lethal force
  • Situational awareness, planning and escalation of necessary force
  • Do’s and don’ts after use of lethal force
  • Kit set up recommendations and kit use (lights, lasers optics)
  • Load reduce malfunction and unloading procedures
  • Tactical and emergency reloads
  • Diagnostic performance evaluation
  • Marksmanship fundamentals refresher
  • Multiple target indexing in depth and width
  • Stationary turning
  • Forward and lateral movement both constant and interrupted
  • Single hand shooting
  • position shooting
  • Barrier and supported positions
  • Stress induction drills
  • Performance evaluation
  • Stress induction evaluation

Student requirements

  • Individual firearm
  • 2- 3-4 magazines with retention devices for magazines
  • electronic hearing protection (mandatory for risk mitigation and communication)
  • eye protection (clear mandatory for indoors)
  • clothing that allows for freedom of movement and ancillary equipment wear.
  • Holster IWB or OWB, non-cloth or leather (Kydex preferred) * serpa holsters are not allowed
  • Lunch and water
  • 3-5 hundred rounds * reloads and steel core ammo not allowed.


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